Back from the dead with a new addition

I am sorry to have neglected this blog for way too long. Work and life kept me busy. I am going to add some cigar reviews to the content here. I will once again start adding rum reviews and recipes as well.

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Current Favorite drink

This is one I came up with on my own, there maybe a similar drink out there, but I haven’t come across it yet.

Gulf Coast Sunset

1 oz Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

1.5 Oz. Cockspur 12 Rum

8 oz. Ginger Beer


2 orange wheels, halved


1/4 oz simple syrup (when your ginger beer has too much bite to it.  i.e. Jamaican Ginger beer or the oranges aren’t as sweet as you want)

I generally take 1 whole ripe orange and cut 2 wheels out of the center of the orange and slice these into 2 halves each, and drop in the bottom of the glass.  I then squeeze the rest of the orange which usually gives about 1 oz. of juice.

I pour this into a pint glass, and add the Cockspur Rum.  Fill the glass halfway up with crushed ice.  Pour in the Ginger Beer.  Have a seat outside, drink and relax.  I find this drink to be very refreshing in the summer heat here in Florida.


Try it and let me know what you think.

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Alabama is a Rum wasteland (Mai Tai recipe included)

I am stuck here in Huntsville Alabama for a week.  I went to see if I could maybe pick up a bottle of Rum from a local store.  Mainly I was looking for something I can’t find at home.  Many of the liquor stores here are run by the state.  They have such a terrible selection!  Its a few parrot bay flavored rums, a few kinds of Bacardi white rum, and 151, and thats about it, oh and Captain Morgan’s both Tattoo and regular.  I was rather disappointed.  

So last night I had dinner at a Mexican restaurant, Cantina Laredo, here in Huntsville.  As I am here alone I just sat at the bar.  I was waiting for my Margarita and heard the assistant bar tender ask the woman in charge, “someone ordered a Mai Tai, how do I make it?” My ears picked up on that name, and I was hoping to hear something close to the correct recipe, instead I heard a rather horrifying recipe: Myer’s Dark rum, Malibu Coconut rum, Pineapple juice, with a float of Bacardi 151 rum.  I was stunned, and as the assistant was making it, I told the head tender that I could tell her how to make a Mai Tai.  She told me it was how she made them at P.F. Chang’s and that it was the right way to make them.  My stomach churned at the thought of what amounted to a bad Pina Colada with 151 Float being passed off as a Mai Tai.  It was a lot of alcohol with very little mixer.  The two women sitting next too my had both bar tended in the past, and they were not impressed at the mixology skills on show that night.  

Here is how I make a Mai Tai, and measurement is very important:

1 oz Jamaican gold rum, I like Appleton’s V/X for my Mai Tai

1 oz Martinique Rum, Rhum Clement or St. James, I also really like to use El. Dorado 12 year Demerara

1 oz Fresh Lime juice

1/2 oz Orange curacao

1/2 oz Orgeat syrup (depending on how sweet your Orgeat is you can sometimes leave out simple syrup)

1/4 oz Simple syrup (basically 1 part water 1 part sugar melted into a liquid

pour all the ingredients into a shaker, add the shell from one of the limes you just squeezed

add crushed ice, and shake

pour into an old fashioned glass or other low wide glass and enjoy

Mix one up and let me know your thoughts


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Drink of the week! Ti’ Punch

So I have been working on reviewing several of the new rums I have purchased.  This week I broke open the Santa Theresa 1796.  The drink for this week is one I like to make when tasting new rums, the Ti’ Punch.  This is a very simple drink to make and can really accent a good rum.  It only has 3 ingredients.

Ti’ Punch

1/4 tsp Simple Syrup, adjust quantity based on your personal tastes.

1/4 tsp Lime juice, basically a get a nice sized slice of lime and use that, also can be adjusted for personal taste.

1.5 oz Rum of your choosing, Rhum Agricole is a good choice.

Combine in a glass, stir well and add a little ice, 1 or 2 cubes.  If you want to go caribbean style you can skip the ice.  This week I am using the Santa Theresa 1796, a very fine rum.  I really like the flavor of this rum.  Give this simple drink a try and post your personal recipe in the comments section.

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Rum reviews on the way

Well last week I was traveling for work.  I stopped by a huge liquor store in Orlando called Joseph’s Liquor store.  It is on Sand Lake road, right near International drive.  They have tons of different kinds of rum.  I picked up some El Dorado 15 year old Demerara Rum, Saint James Extra Old, and Santa Theresa 1796.  I have opened both the Saint James, to make a Mai Tai, and the El Dorado, as I love the 12 year old.  The store had 21($100) and 25 year($325) old El Dorado as well.  I might pick up some of the 21 next time I am in Orlando.  I can’t justify the price on the 25 year old, but I haven’t tried it yet either.  It might just be worth the price, maybe.  

Also it looks like there will be a Rum Tasting at Joseph’s in June.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


I need to finish my review of the 12 Year old El Dorado.  Look for it soon.   

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Drink of the week – Pina Colada

Now that it is starting to get hot here in Florida it is time for one of my favorite summertime cocktails.  The Pina Colada.

I make mine using a 1 to 1 ratio of all three main ingredients.

1.5 oz. Coruba dark Jamaican Rum

1.5 oz. Pineapple juice (Fresh is best)

1.5 oz. Coco Real (you can use Coco Lopez)

Now add the ingredients to your blender along with ice

Blend until slushy and Enjoy.

Some notes about this making the Pina Colada.  My kids really like pineapple, so I often purchase a whole pineapple and use my pineapple Slicer/Corer to extract the center of the pineapple.  I then pour off the extra juice in the bottom of the body of the pineapple into a cup and use this for my drinks.  I cut the bottom off the core that is still remaining in the body of the pineapple and use it as a glass for my drink.  It makes the drink even more festive.  When making the drink I will often toss in some pieces of the pineapple, and fresh coconut, if I can get them at that time.  I get lots of compliments on the drink.  It is quite delicious and refreshing.

The Rum:

Coruba Dark Jamaican Rum, I can’t say enough good things about this rum.  I think it is the ideal rum for the Pina Colada.  It is relatively inexpensive and I would recommend looking for it locally.  Judge for yourself, but I don’t use any other rum for this drink.  

Links of interest:

Pineapple Slicer

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Bear with me as I get this blog going.

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